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Diverse & Inclusive Environment

Pillar 4: Fostering a Diverse and Inclusive Environment

We will cultivate a diverse and inclusive environment where our students, staff, faculty and alumni of all backgrounds feel a sense of belonging, respect, and being valued. Our student-centered value requires a learning environment where local, national, and international students succeed academically, professionally, and personally. We will be the employer of choice for faculty and staff, and the source of pride and center of engagement for our alumni. We welcome a broad set of ideas from different disciplines and schools, and develop our teaching, educational programs, and research in an interdisciplinary manner.

Goal 4: Provide an environment and culture where our faculty, staff, students, and alumni work inclusively in research, service and teaching

Objectives Actions Measures
4.1 Provide a support infrastructure to drive inclusive behavior and culture 4.1.1 Support and celebrate activities in which students work alongside WSOM faculty, staff and alumni to advance social cause and the betterment of society
  • Increase percentage of faculty, staff, alumni, and student attendance / involvement (e.g., Sustained Dialogues, Diversity 360, Safe Zone)
  • Increase number of events held at WSOM promoting diversity and inclusion
  • Increase number of these organizations recruiting our students
  • Increase number of students engaged annually in social impact projects
4.1.2 Cultivate relationships with employers who have diversity initiatives
4.2 Proactively adjust the student, faculty and staff compositions to improve diversity 4.2.1 Achieve a balanced mix of domestic and international and underrepresented students in graduate programs
  • Increase the proportion of domestic students in the MBA and Master of Science graduate programs
  • Increase the proportion of underrepresented students, faculty and staff
4.2.2 Recruit and retain underrepresented faculty and staff.
4.3 Develop an interdisciplinary approach to management curriculum 4.3.1 Streamline overlapping content across disciplines and programs
  • Increase number of courses designated as interdisciplinary
  • Increase number of courses co-taught or co-designed by faculty working together across WSOM departments and CWRU schools
  • Decrease redundant content across courses
4.3.2 Develop new courses that are co-taught by faculty
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