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Distinctive Brand

Pillar 3: Creating a Distinctive Brand

We will engage meaningfully with our Weatherhead family (alumni and community) to expand our reputation and become the "school of choice" for learning, research, and employment. We will promote the many accomplishments of our alumni, students, and faculty and staff. We will strengthen our relationship with our constituents, especially domestically and regionally, thus increasing both the pipeline of high-quality students and executive education participants and the field of employers.

Goal 3: Be recognized globally as the place for a lifetime of advancement in management education.

Objectives Actions Measures
3.1 Deliver differentiated branded content to expand our markets and constituencies 3.1.1 Be perceived as an active promoter of management practices for more effective organizations and a better society
  • Increase faculty participation in activities (webinars, media interviews, etc.) surrounding current events and management concepts
  • Increase number of stories featuring our students, alumni, and faculty partnerships
  • Increase # of international experiences for students, faculty, and alumni
3.1.2 Maximize the digital content being created to feature faculty research and class content
3.1.3 Expand and communicate global presence
3.2 Foster a WSOM family (alumni and business community) for life 3.2.1 Expand opportunities for alumni and industry to collaborate with WSOM
  • Increase participation of alums and industry experts in WSOM activities (e.g., as speakers, mentors, advisory boards, event co-hosts, executives in residence, Executive Educations guests and instructors)
  • Increase alumni involvement in WSOM life-long learning opportunities (e.g., webinars and connections to Sears think[box], Veale Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship)
  • Increase interactions between current students and alumni
  • Recognize outstanding contributors to WSOM among alumni, faculty, students, and staff
3.2.2 Offer attractive life-long learning opportunities for alumni
3.2.3 Enable connection among alumni, staff, students, faculty and industry
3.2.4 Celebrate achievements of alumni, faculty, students and staff
3.3 Implement systems that enable delivery of our message to our existing markets and constituencies 3.3.1 Advance the digital component of our marketing strategy to stay abreast of changing trends used by industry and potential candidates
  • Strategy developed outlining purpose of marketing and media channels
  • Increase # of qualified leads
  • Increase web traffic based upon key word searches
  • Increase media contacting faculty resulting in articles/quotes
  • Increase lead conversion/yield.
3.3.2 Implement cutting edge technology support and infrastructure for marketing effort
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