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Organizational Behavior Research

With a proud tradition of creative and foundational scholarship, the Organizational Behavior Department is the home to a number of significant ideas in the field of organizational development including experiential learning theory and learning styles, stages of group and task oriented team development, resonant leadership and emotional intelligence, studies of the executive mind and executive life, advances in socio-technical systems analysis, the competencies approach to managerial learning, human inquiry and participatory action-research, the organization dimensions of global sustainability, intentional change theory, and Appreciative Inquiry, a cornerstone in positive human science scholarship.

Recent Working Papers

To learn more about current research, view a list of the Organizational Behavior Department’s working papers.

Coaching Research Lab

The Coaching Research Lab is a joint initiative between scholars and leading organizations to develop a more comprehensive understanding of coaching through empirical research.

Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit

Research from the Organizational Behavior Department led to the creation of the Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit. At the heart of the Center is World Inquiry, a global search for the many ways dynamic leaders in the business sector are putting their people, imagination, and assets to work to benefit the earth, from its ecosystem to the needs of its vast, diverse population.

The Fowler Center bridges the gap between theory and practice for both management practitioners and scholars. Through intimate, meaningful collaborations with individuals from a diverse range of organizations, the Fowler Center guides managers to embed sustainability in their core business, creating value for society and the environment in ways that create even more value for their customers and shareholders.

Learn more about Fowler Center projects.