Organizational Behavior News & Events



  • Women in STEM Careers awarded publication of the year

    Diana Bilimoria, PhD, KeyBank Professor of organizational behavior's book, Women in STEM Careers: International Perspectives on Increasing Workforce Participation, Advancement and Leadership has been awarded the Commonwealth Businesswomen's Publication of the Year Award for 2015.
  • Case Western Reserve-led effort gets grant to advance gender equity in STEM faculty positions

    Diana Bilimoria, KeyBank professor and chair of the Department of Organizational Behavior, is co-principal investigator on a three-year, $7750,000 grant from the National Science Foundation's Advance Program to develop, share and evaluate approaches and policies that lead to more women in full-tenured professorships in STEM fields.
  • Chris Laszlo will speak at the Milan World Expo

    Invited by Ernst Young Italy to give a keynote on "Sustainable Value: Is Integration the Trick?", Chris Laszlo, PhD, professor of organizational behavior and faculty director for research and outreach at the Fowler Center, will speak at the Milan World Expo on October 14, 2015. His keynote will be followed by a roundtable of business leaders who will comment and discuss the topics. The Universal Expo’s theme is "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life."