Become an Organizational Member

Our “dream” is to create a vibrant and productive home at Weatherhead for ongoing coaching research. It's important to us that the research be rigorous to exceed the standards for good scholarship and relevant to the individuals and organizations who benefit from it. So, for that reason and also to help us fund research, organizations have the opportunity to become members of the CRL. Current members include Erie Insurance and Fifth Third Bank.

Organizational members have unique access to engaging with the actual researchers and their research supporting coach development, best practice and organizational outcomes. For an annual investment of $15,000, members will receive:

The financial support of current CRL member organizations has enabled us to design a research study, which we are preparing to launch this year. This study examines the impact of different coaching modalities, i.e. face-to-face, video-based and phone coaching, on the coaching relationship and coaching outcomes.

Annual memberships extend from January-December each year. For more information on becoming a member, please email