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This section of the CRL site is dedicated to providing short summaries of many of the latest research findings in the scholarship of coaching. Article summaries contain the key take-homes and evidence from a number of academic articles with relevance for practitioners and scholars alike. If you would like access to the full, original articles, please get in contact with us to arrange.

  • Coaching practitioners can work with organizational leaders to enhance their sense of creativity by bringing the right skill set, creating the right context, engendering as much positive affect as possible, and helping the coachee to develop a deep understanding of their self.
  • In our own coaching practices, or in our coaching relationships with others, there is a persistent quest to strike up the right chemistry between coach and coachee. A significant body of academic work has promoted the importance of coaching relationships being coachee-centric - that is, coaching should work on the principle that it is the coachee's development that should ultimately guide the coaching process and experience. However, there still remains a need for coaches to present and conduct themselves as competent professionals with the required skillset and expertise to assist and develop the coachee in a way that they could not achieve on their own.
  • Attitudinal and behavioral changes on the part of a coachee are often thought to be the hallmarks of a successful coaching intervention. Two useful proxies for determining these kinds of changes are receptiveness to feedback on the part of the coachee and the development of a coachee's level of self-awareness. A recently published Israeli study of executive coaching, based on a sample of 200 participants (including executives and coaches), sought to establish what characteristics in both the coachee themselves and the nature of the coaching relationship in question were positively related to both receptiveness to feedback and self-awareness on the part of the coachee.