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As a result of the research conducted through the Coaching Research Laboratory (CRL), people, teams and organizations will develop and pursue their dreams and passions, and in the process, help to make society more adaptive, compassionate and engaging. By guiding and conducting research on all helping relationships, we will guide the development of leaders, coaches, professors, doctors and nurses, and teachers to inspire those with whom they work and to inspire new generations of researchers with curiosity.

Mission and Purpose

The purpose of the CRL is to advance and support research on the effectiveness and process of coaching. Specifically, the mission of the CRL is to conduct, fund and disseminate research on coaching and related helping relationships. Led by faculty of the Weatherhead Organizational Behavior Department, the CRL invites organizational members to engage and support research at the doctoral and faculty level that will advance understanding and practice of coaching.

We use the term “coaching” to refer to a broad range of helping relationships, which include coach–client, leader–follower, manager–subordinate, doctor/nurse–patient, teacher/professor–student, therapist–client, cleric–parishioner, parent–child, and mentor–protégé.

The types of topics this center will address include, but are not limited to:

  • Coaching for Intentional Change, Learning and Development
  • Coaching Outcomes
  • Effective coaching relationships
  • Coach competencies
  • Coaching models
  • ROI of coaching
  • Emotions in coaching