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  • The real apprentice: How to bring jobs back

    In an interview with CNN, Susan Helper, PhD, talks about a new study published by the Commerce Department that identifies apprenticeships as playing a key role in bringing jobs back to America.
  • Manufacturing Realities Tilt Ohio Toward Trump

    Susan Helper, PhD, talks with U.S. News & World Report on how manufacturing is coming back in Ohio, pointing to the productivity and overall value of the goods produced by Ohio manufacturers.
  • Some Implications for NEOhio's Economy Under a Trump Administration

    Bill Mahnic, associate professor of banking and finance, tells WCPN Cleveland will be one of twelve cities to have direct input to policymakers in Trump presidency.
  • Research Associate - Federal Reserve Bank-St.Louis

    The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis is seeking research associates to start during spring/summer 2017. I would appreciate it if you could forward the attached flyer to any economics majors who may be interested this job opportunity. We will start interviews in early October and continue to accept applications on a rolling basis until all positions are filled (typically around early January). Interested students can find the job opening here:
  • Research Assistants at Federal Reserve Board

    The Federal Reserve Board is hiring Research Assistants during the Fall recruiting season, October-November, and the Spring recruiting season, February-March for positions that begin in the summer. We appreciate your referral of interested and qualified students. Each year, the Board hires approximately 70 recent graduates in economics, math, or related fields as RAs. These positions are highly competitive and very quantitative in nature. While at the Board, RAs work closely with economists and analysts on a broad range of topics covering real-world policy issues and academic-type research. After their time at the Board, many of our RAs move on to top graduate school programs. To be considered for these positions, candidates must submit application materials by September 30 for the Fall recruiting season and by January 31 for the Spring recruiting season. Complete application instructions are available at A limited number of summer internships are also available each year. Application procedures and deadline information for this program can be found at