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  • Are Some People Born to be Entrepreneurs?

    Scott Shane, PhD, comments on the findings of his study looking at whether entrepreneurs are born or bred.
  • Depopulation to Reconcentration

    Robin Dubin, PhD, chair and professor of economics, offers a way to save our older cities.
  • Has Rob Portman flip-flopped on trade?

    Susan Helper, the Frank Tracy Carlton Professor of Economics, weighed in on Sen. Rob Portman’s views on trade deals overseas and how they’ve changed over the past decade.
  • Bay Area tech startup moves to East Sacramento

    Sacramento leadership gave a technology startup a $100,000 subsidy to relocate to the city. Scott Shane, the A. Malachi Mixon III Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies, likened city subsidies to risky bets, stating, “Nine out of 10 of these things fail.”

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