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  • Paging Trump! Convention host committee chairs tied to offshore-happy corp

    Mark Votruba, PhD, associate professor of economics, and Susan Helper, PhD, Frank Tracy Carlton Professor of Economics, discuss offshoring in manufacturing and the RNC's host committee ties to companies who outsource jobs.
  • Finding the sweet spot for competitive behavior

    An experimental behavioral economist, Roman Sheremeta, PhD, assistant professor of economics, researches how to better explain people's actions in competitive settings—whether the casino, the workplace or even the home. And what he's learned has implications for anyone who hires, fires or wants to climb the career ladder.
  • In strategy shift, MetroHealth seeks to compete for the region's outpatients

    Mark Votruba, PhD, associate professor of economics, says the shift will allow MetroHealth to tap into a growing pool of consumers looking for relief from rising premiums. "MetroHealth is trying to exploit its position as the low-cost provider in the area," Votruba said, adding that consumers have become much more price conscious with the increasing shift toward high-deductible insurance coverage.

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