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University Hospitals Patient and Family Advisory Councils

University Hospitals Patient and Family Advisory Councils

Executive Summary

This project report contains all of the information needed to address University Hospitals' problem with patient and family engagement, specifically oriented around the Patient and Family Advisory Councils (PFAC). A starting background necessary to fully understand the situation leads into the identification of the problem and potential solutions, this leads into further iterations of the solution culminating in the final product and its significance to University Hospitals.

Health systems see value in Patient and Family Engagement, however University Hospitals is not yet structured to realize the full potential of partnering with patients and families. In order to maintain a reasonable scope we focused on the PFAC groups and their interaction with the University Hospitals system. The disconnection between the current University Hospitals organizational operations and the PFAC groups led to a diminished impact and a false sense that they were addressing the problem properly.

In order to correct this disconnect between University Hospitals and patient and family engagement we propose a multi-channel system for engagement built to address three deficiencies: Communication, Governance, and Implementation. These three things were used as the pillars to build a better system of engagement, they were discovered through our research process consisting of interaction with current PFACs and University Hospital employee surveying. This system is the sum of smaller systems, as the individual channels could not be addressed with one overarching system. As the sum of smaller systems this will allow University Hospitals to slowly integrate them piece by piece into their system, choosing which they feel is the most critical to development of the their patient and family engagement system.

Academic Year

Fall 2015 – Spring 2016

Team Members

  • Isaac Kidd
  • Alba Montana
  • Matthew Perry
  • Blaine Rogalski
  • Rachit Sachdeva