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Executive Summary

Sociagram is a social video platform, delivering white-labeled video solutions to organizations seeking innovation and personalization on their sites. The product is currently deployed by about forty small online retailers in an effort towards increasing customer acquisition and fostering customer loyalty. The solution offered by Sociagram is primarily used in the ecommerce industrial sector to record, store and deliver video messages accompanying gift products. The main drawback faced by Sociagram in its current market application is the lull during most months of the year caused by the accumulation of gifting activities during seasonal holidays and hallmark events.

Integrating the three main industry sectors of ecommerce, personalized greeting and social video, the product has immense potential to be used domains apart from ecommerce and in contexts other than gifting. There are various industrial sectors in which the tool can be used including education, politics, automobile sales, sports and so on. The plugin can be used in a gaming context to host video message contests or in a story-telling context to present vibrant audiovisuals. The goal of the project is to explore these other avenues in which the video plugin offered by Sociagram can be used to exploit the three main advantages offered by the inclusion of multimedia messages – increased customer engagement, better customer education and higher emotive attachment of customers. The duration of the project will be devoted to exploring alternative markets for the application, conducting a feasibility of the same, discovering a context in which the plugin can be used in the new market and developing a comprehensive user experience for the new application.

Academic Year

Fall 2013 – Spring 2014

Team Members

  • Mathias Ellegiers
  • Suraj Philips
  • Maksim Styrt
  • Yuhao Zhen
  • Deepa Gopal