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Simple Laundry

Simple Laundry

Executive Summary

Doing laundry is a simple task that takes up valuable time for many people. This time could be better utilized if there were a way of having your laundry done for you in a timely, predictable, and trustworthy manner.

Although companies such as WashClub Cleveland exist in this competitive space already, we feel there are tactics that could be implemented to improve their model. While timeliness, convenience and cost are all factors in the decision to use a laundry service, we found these all to be secondary to the customer's main concern; trust.

Our group focused on the issue of operation within a laundry service, specifically targeting trust. We observed trust as the key obstacle to this service, and have differentiated our model from current offerings (such as WashClub Cleveland) to overcome these objections.

Our improved customer experience allows a customer to choose a person, not just a company, to do their laundry. We believe, due to our research, the trust issue can be overcome. This will increase the customer base and the proliferation of this service, allowing for greater speed of growth across a larger segment.

Academic Year

Fall 2015 – Spring 2016

Team Members

  • Carl Baum
  • Jessica Brown
  • Charlotte Gouveia Neto
  • Zhen Huang
  • Qingxia Liu