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From Marriott, with Love

From Marriott, with Love

Executive Summary

Marriott wants to leverage its brand of hospitality throughout the entire traveler's journey. Marriott has requested our team to find opportunities to expand its digital offerings beyond its reach, because it can no longer depend on other entities to sustain quality service.

However, current digital travel offerings are limited to mere utility, transaction and informational provisions. This project report explains frameworks on how to explore for new opportunities that provide travelers with complete experiences; leaving Marriott guests feeling genuinely "cared for." The first framework refers to "containers" as silos in which the industry has partitioned responsibilities of the traveler. The other two frameworks are about the traveler's rhythm and balance.

The report proposes three example products that fill a major need in the traveler's journey. Each one is an unclaimed "container" and gestures of unexpected care.

The report concludes with implications of costs, benefits, and risks as well as recommendations on implementation - in order to have a potentially large positive impact on the company as a whole, as well as its guests, without having to invest much.

Academic Year

Fall 2013 – Spring 2014

Team Members

  • Uram Joshua Lee
  • Wesley Mershon
  • Linisha Patel
  • Melissa Williams