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Designing for Doctors and Patient Interactions in the Leave-Taking Experience

Designing for Doctors and Patient Interactions in the Leave-Taking Experience

Executive Summary

This project report consists of six main parts: introduction, identification of a pressing problem in the area of patient experience within Cleveland Clinic, our hypothesis on how to explore the problem, design research, our product, and concluding thoughts.

Although Cleveland Clinic possesses much strength in being a physician-led organization, it is facing challenges in providing world-class, doctor-to-patient communication because it is difficult to change the behaviors of these leaders. To make the problem manageable as a project, our group has focused primarily on physician and patient interactions during the discharge period of in-patients. This is a critical moment in the patient journey that currently does not provide patients with quality communication moments with their doctors. To address this problem, we propose an interaction guide – composed of actions, words, and props – to help physicians and their team say goodbye to patients and families during leave-taking. This service guide embodies ideas synthesized from themes that emerged during our team's research process. The interactions are depicted in the form of short sketches and demonstrate scenarios that support the conditions for conversation and connection between doctors and patients.

The project report concludes with some thoughts on how these ideas have the potential to have impact for the organization as a whole. A short section at the end captures thoughts on how the interaction concepts could be implemented as well as their financial implications.

This project was awarded a 2012 Core77 design award for "Student Runner Up" in the service design category.

Academic Year

Fall 2010 – Spring 2011

Team Members

  • Timothy Anderson
  • Kipum Lee
  • Emeka Mbanefo
  • Nicole Ujadughele
  • Jalak Vyas