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Design Issues:  Reading Experience

Design Issues: Reading Experience

Executive Summary

Design Issues is an academic journal devoted to the examination of design history, theory and criticism. It is a peer-reviewed journal delivered each quarter. It was founded in 1984 by the four editors: (1) Bruce Brown, (2) Richard Buchanan, (3) Dennis P. Doordan, and (4) Victor Margolin and is characterized by the quality of its content which includes theoretical and critical articles, exhibition and book reviews, visual sequences and its top notch design covers. Content is created through collaboration with professional and scholarly contributors, while special guest edited issues focus on particular themes. MIT Press serves as the publisher, printer, and distributor of Design Issues. MIT Press operates as a separate entity within MIT University. Design Issues enjoys great brand quality and recognition from MIT and its journal division. To date, Design Issues has been profitable for MIT Press, selling the journal to institutions and some individuals globally at a very low subscription cost.

Readership of 40000

What are the most important things for the editors? - Integrity of the journal, the quality of the article, does it answer a design problem, who has the author cited or referred?

Academic Year

Fall 2015 – Spring 2016

Team Members

  • Varun Ajmera
  • Jean Garnier
  • John Marvar
  • Jianjun Ren
  • Eeshan Srivastava
  • Kesha Wu