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Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Executive Summary

Despite being a first class science and research institution, the Cleveland Museum of Natural History has become a museum for children. Nearly all patrons are children on field trips, or adults with children. The challenge issued is to determine how to make the Museum more appealing for adults. In exploring this issue, exhibit design and adult interests were explored. In understanding adult interests, it was determined that there is a big opportunity in wellness. The Proposal is that the Cleveland Museum of Natural History should develop a wellness exhibit. This is in line with the mission statement of promoting health, the 2007 merger with the Cleveland Health Museum, growing interest in wellness among adults, and the proximity to the top-notch medical institutions in the area.

Academic Year

Fall 2013 – Spring 2014

Team Members

  • Jessica Lehmann
  • John Ostroske
  • Ankit Patidar
  • Ali Sarwari