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Think[box]: Addressing  the Market Demand for Education

Think[box]: Addressing the Market Demand for Education

Executive Summary

As the employment market continues to evolve, there is an increasing demand for graduates entering the market to be able to do, create, and produce with minimal training from the employer. Given the shift in the marketplace, the educational system has an opportunity to capitalize on this demand by offering a new model that will provide students with the necessary skills required to meet this demand. By creating an environment where students from different perspectives will collaborate on real world projects, while being guided through the design process, students will be equipped with both the necessary skills and experience to do, create, and produce in a world of evolving expectations.

The elements of this model include a project submission and selection process, an application process, an initial training period, and a period of working on the project while receiving ongoing guidance from professionals and educators. The students will have the opportunity to do, create, and learn in a multidisciplinary, collaborative environment. The outcome of this group work will be ideas and products that can be implemented and utilized by businesses and the greater community.

Academic Year

Fall 2011 – Spring 2012

Team Members

  • Malik Alatshan
  • Mitch Kline
  • Devin Miller
  • OBinna Muoh
  • Joel Simon
  • Jacob Wagner