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Designing a Service Recovery System for Marriott

Designing a Service Recovery System for Marriott

Executive Summary

Marriott is a world leader in hospitality and an industry leader in its digital capability. At the same time, Marriott faces challenges when trying to care for its customers while they are outside hotel walls. While Marriott is not responsible for delayed flights or broken down vehicles, it would like to attend to these issues as they play a role in the overall experience of a customer's trip.

In order to focus in on this problem for this project, our group has chosen service recovery as an avenue to extend the customer relationship beyond the traditional constraints of Marriott's terms and conditions. We designed a service recovery framework that consists of both proactive and reactive strategies to focus on empathizing with customer issues that might not be readily apparent. This framework will help Marriott conceptualize opportunities for service recovery upon arrival, during a customer's stay and after they have left the hotel. The framework speaks to themes that emerged from our team's primary research of Millennial travelers.

The report concludes with how our ideas have the potential to help Marriott serve the needs of the next generation of guests.

Academic Year

Fall 2013 – Spring 2014

Team Members

  • Seshmitha Vedachalam
  • Greer Connor
  • Dominique Vargas
  • Siddhant Malik
  • Ranjith Ramachandran