Student Works | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University


Executive Summary

Our team was approached to design for commercialization a product based on technology developed by Case Western Reserve University Professor C.C. Liu. This technology is able to detect the presence of select biomarkers, indicators of the presence of a specific disease or condition within the body. Dr. Liu's discoveries are held and processed through Case's Technology Transition Office (TTO), and those furthest along the path to commercialization with respect to pending patents include breast cancer and prostate cancer. The core issue is that, in spite of the product's sophistication and potential, there has been a lack of direction for moving forward in successfully marketing the technology and getting it out to consumers. The current state of the technology, while viable in the laboratory setting, is too raw and inadequate when looking through the lens of commercialization. Through discussion, analysis, and the design process we decided to narrow our focus to the biomarker for prostate cancer (AMACR).

Academic Year

Fall 2013 – Spring 2014

Team Members

  • Tom Bueno
  • Jake Horowitz
  • Adam Kassir
  • Martin Mensch
  • Christopher Naegele