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  • Citizens Academy third graders complete mock case study

    Jiayi Zhou, a second-year MSM-Finance student, discusses her day volunteering at Citizens Academy, conducting a mock case study with Assistant Professor of Design & Innovation Michael Goldberg.
  • Macy's at Chapel Hill mall closing

    Macy’s recently announced the closure of 36 stores across the country, including two in Northeast Ohio. “Malls are still coming up, but they may be more unique-experience-oriented malls,” said Rakesh Niraj, PhD, associate professor of design and innovation. “So the Chapel Hills of the world, in some ways, are sort of old news.”
  • In-depth review of Beyond Silicon Valley: Growing Entrepreneurship in Transitioning Economies

    The MOOC taught by Michael Goldberg, assistant professor of design & innovation, was reviewed recently on Class Central by Arjan Tupan, a lead mentor in the Beyond Silicon Valley MOOC.