Undergraduate Student Spotlight

Our diverse student body forms the foundation of the Weatherhead School of Management. Here, they thrive on the diverse interests and experiences each of them bring to their classes. Whether starting anew in the business world or advancing an interest cultivated years earlier, our ambitious undergraduates find their niche in fields ranging from accounting to healthcare management.

So what's life like for our undergraduates? Read about their experiences in the classroom to campus-wide activities and the reasons they've come to love Weatherhead.

  • Caroline Wang '14

    Watch how recent graduate Caroline Wang's journey leads her to become a marketing major.

  • Nick Bland '14

    A finance major who helped a financial insitution save $1.2 million

  • Meredith Dykehouse '15

    A management major with a concentration in healthcare administration loves to give back to the community

  • Jordan Fatoki '16

    A management major who fell in love with Weatherhead’s sense of community

  • Amanda Li '15

    An accounting major with a love of mathematics delves into her involvement on campus.

  • Dawn Ramsey '14

    A native of Cleveland, Ohio, she discusses an internship where she gave back to her community.

  • Michael Scarpaci '14

    A management major with a global perspective talks about his past three years at Weatherhead.

  • Katie Skapin '13

    A recent graduate with a major in management and a passion for Japanese who worked on the film The Avengers