Jason Schutté | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University

Jason Schutté Major: Finance
Year: Senior (Class of 2016)

Why did you initially sign-up for MGMT 315?

I signed up for MGMT 315 because I know how important study abroad experience is in today's world, however, I have had trouble fitting some of the longer term courses into my schedule due to leadership positions and internships. MGMT 315 was the perfect course to give me a rich study abroad experience in a convenient length of time so that it would not interfere with my summer internship or take me away from Case for a semester or more.

Overall, what was your favorite part of the program?

My favorite part of the program was my fellow classmates, it was very beneficial to see what they took away from the classes, visits, and historical sites and compare that with how I experienced them. We had a group with very diverse backgrounds and so we had a lot of different perspectives to hear from.

What was your favorite professional visit?

My favorite professional visit was to the Steelcase Business Center in Strasbourg. They shared their vision of the future workplace and how their products strive to create more open and productive workspaces.

What was your favorite cultural visit?

My favorite cultural visit was the Ecomuseum in the Black Hills. We learned how farmhouses in the 1400's ran and the struggles they faced in surviving the winter.

Was there anything about the country or the culture that surprised you or that you didn't expect?

I was surprised to learn about how France views work compared to America, it is most apparent in their 35 hour workweek and 2 hour lunch breaks but the deeper implications behind that mentality is only really visible when you visit and experience the country.

Do you think MGMT 315 will benefit you professionally, if so how?

Absolutely, I think that learning about other cultures is very important for today's leaders so that we can look at our own culture more critically and at others more empathetically. During one of our classes on managing diversity our professor asked us how you teach a fish what water is? The answer was to take it out. He said this to highlight how we can really learn what being an American is and that is what this course has done for me, taken me out of the water.

Why would you recommend that someone participate in MGMT 315?

I would recommend that someone participate in MGMT 315 if they want to have an international experience that gives them practical takeaways and has a core focus on making you a better manager by exposing different management styles and how they work in action.

Do you have any advice for someone planning to participate in MGMT 315 program?

I would advise going on MGMT 315 with people you do not know very well, you will learn a lot about each other and you will learn a lot from your new classmate's perspectives. Also, you'll make a lot of new friends because of how close your group will become.

Other Comments:

I cannot stress enough how important study abroad experience is, modern businesses are going global and to be an effective manager you need to understand the world outside of the American bubble in a professional context.