Undergraduate Coffee Connections Program | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University

Undergraduate Coffee Connections Program

Coffee Connections is an opportunity for a Weatherhead undergraduate student to connect with a Weatherhead graduate over a cup of coffee or online. This opportunity allows alumni to share their experiences and career insights with students and gives students the opportunity to share their CWRU and WSOM experience with alumni.

There have been great success stories of students gaining knowledge about industry trends and learning networking tips, and alumni feeling more involved with the school.

Program Details: a 30-45 minute meeting with a Weatherhead graduate. This meeting can be in person or virtually depending on the location of the WSOM graduate. In ideal cases, students and alumni will stay in touch throughout the semester and begin to build an ongoing relationship.

How to Participate: Each fall, students are invited to complete the Coffee Connections registration form, and UGIS staff match students with a WSOM graduate. Please understand that UGIS staff may not be able to make exact interest or preference matches in all cases, but we know that any connection between students and alumni can be beneficial as stories and experiences are shared. Also, please note that depending on the number of students interested in participation in the program, there may be a waitlist. Students will be matched on a first-come, first serve basis in conjunction with match preferences. More details available here:

  • Undergraduate Coffee Connections is a Fall program
  • Student participants must attend a Coffee Connections workshop in order to participate in the program

This is a Weatherhead Connect Event! Click here to learn more about Weatherhead Connect. Please contact Laura Bentley at lxr185@case.edu if you have any questions.