Course Spotlight: Trends in Asian Venture Capital

Course: MGMT 395, Trends in Asian Venture Capital

Usually taken by: Juniors, Seniors

This MGMT 395 advanced seminar examines trends in Asian venture capital through the eyes of venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and global investors. It discusses the key concepts of entrepreneurial finance, including how venture capitalists negotiate valuation and the dynamics of early stage finance in Asian markets such as China and Vietnam. What is most unique about this course, though, is the direct exposure students have with Asian start-up companies. Using Skype, students work directly with entrepreneurs in Vietnam helping them develop pitches to global investors and giving the entrepreneurs support and advice as they try to raise money to start their business.

Students in this course focus on early-stage start-up companies in Vietnam, helping those businesses asses if they will be able to raise funds. Student groups of five work collaboratively to help the businesses refine their business plans and ultimately develop a pitch that can be used on sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

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