Course Spotlight: Emphasis in Sports Management

Course: MGMT 395, Emphasis in Sports Management

Usually taken by: Juniors, Seniors

Emphasis in Sports Management exposes the undergraduate to the business world of sports and focuses on topics related to the management of a sports-related organization. Discussions focus on real-world examples, such as the Beijing Olympics, LeBron James returning to Cleveland and the economics of the Cleveland Indians. Sports management insiders visit the class to share their field expertise with students. This is a dynamic and engaging course with enough variety for every student to find some aspect that interests them.

A sample syllabus for the semester includes:

  • a field trip to Progressive Field
  • group projects on creating business plans for sporting events
  • guest lectures from NFL and NBA agents, sports broadcasters and sports attorneys as well as local team presidents of the Cleveland Indians and Cavaliers

What students say:

As someone without much experience with sports management or athletics in general, I took the course because I thought it would be fun and different from the types of classes I usually enroll in. I was not at all disappointed—I was most impressed by the broad range of topics we covered. I expected to talk solely about professional sports, but we had "units" that ranged from athletes' wealth management to college athletics (and not just D1, but also D2 and D3) to international sporting events like the World Cup and the Olympics.

— Gwen, BA in Spanish and BS in Management (with a Dean's Approved Concentration in Public and Nonprofit Administration).

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