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The global supply chain management industry is growing and as a result, so is the demand for professionals in this field. Students interested in learning about the production, transportation, distribution and other logistics that companies utilize to meet the demands of their customers can pursue this passion at Weatherhead.

World-Class Faculty

Students interested in Weatherhead’s supply chain management academic program interact on a personal level with some of the leading experts in their fields, including:

  • Kamlesh Mathur’s research focuses on the distribution aspects of the supply chain, including routing and scheduling of delivery vehicles as well as prime location for claim and service centers for greatest efficiency
  • George Vairaktarakis studies the behavior of manufacturers and how an environment of competition or cooperation affects results

...and more.

Students can gain the fundamental knowledge of supply chain management through our business management major.

Business Management Major with Supply Chain Management Concentration

The Weatherhead undergraduate business management major grounds students in the functional areas of business for career preparation across a broad spectrum of industries. All students build a strong foundation in business management by taking required courses in economics, accounting, statistics, communication, leadership, marketing, and operations research and supply chain management.

As a business management major, you will build upon this foundation by selecting an area of concentration. By pursing a Supply Chain Management concentration, you will select courses that will strengthen your understanding of global supply chain challenges and opportunities. The flexibility of this major allows students to pursue a second concentration or add additional courses to support their career interests.

See comprehensive information about Weatherhead's BS in Management in the General Bulletin.

For more information about our academic programs, contact Jim Hurley, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate and Integrated Study Programs, at 216.368.3856.

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Earn a BA or BS degree and a Master of Supply Chain Management in as little as five years

Couple the quantitative and analytical skills of your undergraduate studies with the specialized skills obtained from a master’s in operations research and supply chain management. Adding the Master of Supply Chain Management degree to your undergraduate program will empower you to make a substantial and measurable impact in national and global operations and supply chain management across a broad range of industries including manufacturing and service industries.

For more information, see the BA/BS and Master of Supply Chain Management Integrated program page, or contact Jim Hurley, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate and Integrated Study Programs, at 216.368.3856, or Meredith Richardson, Admissions Manager, Master of Supply Chain Management, at 216.368.7586.


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