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Weatherhead is home to one of the nation's top Organizational Behavior Departments. Their primary focus in teaching and research is leading and managing change at the individual, team, organizational, and societal level. Undergraduate students can benefit from their access to this distinguished department and can deepen their understanding of leadership and organizational behavior through multiple academic programs.

World-Class Faculty

Students interested in one of Weatherhead's leadership academic programs interact on a personal level with some of the leading experts in their fields, including:

  • Diana Bilimoria, who researches and teaches about how individuals achieve their fullest potential as leaders and contributors in organizations, what facilitates women and minority group members to become full participants in organizations, and leadership development at all levels
  • Susan Case, whose research focuses on the field of gender and diversity in organizations, including how multi-culturalism affects communication in decision-making and differences in diversity among racial and ethnic groups
  • Corinne Coen, recipient of the Lewis-Progressive Fellowship and Emerging Impact Award at Weatherhead, as well as the Outstanding Leadership and Contribution Award from the Academy of Management in 2008
  • John Paul Stephens, whose research focuses on the roles of perception, knowledge and relationships in the adaptive coordination of action groups such as musical ensembles

...and more.

Students can acquire in-depth knowledge of the fundamental skills necessary to lead people in organizations through our business management major or leadership minor.

Business Management Major with Organizational Leadership Concentration

The Weatherhead undergraduate business management major grounds students in the functional areas of business for career preparation across a broad spectrum of industries. All students build a strong foundation in business management by taking required courses in economics, accounting, statistics, communication, leadership, marketing, and operations research and supply chain management.

As a business management major, you will build upon this foundation by selecting an area of concentration. By pursing an organizational leadership concentration, you will select courses that will strengthen your fundamental leadership skills. The flexibility of this major allows students to pursue a second concentration or add additional courses to support their career interests.

See comprehensive information about Weatherhead's BS in Management in the General Bulletin.

Leadership Minor

At just 15 credit hours, you can easily add a leadership minor to your current undergraduate plan. Learn more about the minor in the General Bulletin.

Note: Students cannot pursue a minor in leadership and a concentration is organizational leadership.

For more information about our academic programs, contact Jim Hurley, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate and Integrated Study Programs, at 216.368.3856.

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There are various campus resources available to CWRU students who are interested in developing their skills and interests including:

Student Activities and Leadership Office
Student Activities & Leadership Office, as part of CWRU's Division of Student Affairs, students can utilize this office to get involved on campus and build a foundation of leadership.
Student Leadership Conference
The Student Leadership Conference is designed to expose student leaders to the knowledge, skills and resources necessary to lead with purpose.
Case Leadership Journey
The SpartanLEADS program is here to help students explore, discover, and own their authentic style of leadership!