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Explore Business and Economics

Exploring your options? Want to launch a major or minor? The courses below offer starting points to get your feet wet, satisfy requirements (major, minor, and/or breadth requirements), and assess your interests in business and economics.

(These courses carry no prerequisite courses; some may require sophomore standing.)


Accounting is often called “the language of business.” Learn to speak business!

  • ACCT 100 – Foundations of Accounting I (This course is intended for both business and non-business majors)
  • ACCT 200 – Foundations of Accounting II


These courses provide basic understanding of Economics and can count toward the Social Science breadth requirements for all majors:

Additional Courses

The following courses broaden perspectives and develop various skills in management.

  • MGMT 201 – Contemporary Business and Communication
  • MIDS 301 – Introduction to Information: A Systems and Design Approach
  • MKMR 201 – Marketing Management (sophomore standing required)
  • ORBH 250 – Leading People (LEAD I) (sophomore standing required)

Learn more about these introductory courses in the general bulletin or contact an advisor.