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From professional benefits to personal growth, there are a variety of reasons students should consider adding an international component to their collegiate careers. Students at Case Western Reserve University can participate in international study, both through our academic programs and our study abroad opportunities. Studying and immersing yourself in a foreign culture puts you on an early path toward global competence. Beyond its positive career implications, participating in international study is an opportunity to experience foreign culture and gain a greater appreciation of our global society.

World-Class Faculty

  • Susan Case, whose research focuses on the field of gender and diversity in organizations, including how multi-culturalism affects communication in decision-making and differences in diversity among racial and ethnic groups
  • David Clingingsmith, whose research is centered on the economics of developing countries

Business Management Major with International Business Concentration

The Weatherhead undergraduate business management major grounds students in the functional areas of business for career preparation across a broad spectrum of industries. All students build a strong foundation in business management by taking required courses in economics, accounting, statistics, communication, leadership, marketing, and operations research and supply chain management.

As a business management major, you will build upon this foundation by selecting an area of concentration. By pursing an International Business concentration, you will select courses that will strengthen your global competence and your understanding of foreign culture and business. The flexibility of this major allows students to pursue a second concentration or add additional courses to support their career interests.

See comprehensive information about Weatherhead's BS in Management in the General Bulletin.

For more information about our academic programs, contact Jim Hurley, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate and Integrated Study Programs, at 216.368.3856.

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International Study Opportunities

There are various opportunities available to CWRU students who are interested in studying abroad:

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International Management Institute

Students can explore the world of business around the globe while earning three credit hours!

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University Education Abroad

Students looking to participate in other short-term, exchange, direct enroll, or nontraditional opportunities can learn more about these programs from the Office of Education Abroad.