Curriculum | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University

The standard Master of Healthcare Management Integrated curriculum consists of the following 10 courses:

Summer of Entry

  • MBAP 401 (Leadership Assessment and Development)


  • ACCT 401H (Financial and Managerial Accountancy)
  • HSMC 407 (Managerial Marketing)
  • HSMC 412 (Lean Service Operations)


  • HSMC 404 (Managing People in Organizations)
  • HSMC 420 (Health Finance)
  • HSMC 425 (Dialogues in Healthcare Management)
  • HSMC 457 (Health Decision Making and Analytics)

Summer of Completion

  • HSMC 411 (Identifying Design Opportunities)
  • MGMT 497 (Action Learning Project)

Course substitutions are permitted in cases where students have completed significant undergraduate coursework in a particular topical area. For instance, undergraduate accounting majors would likely derive little additional value from ACCT 401H, and would be encouraged to substitute an alternative course in place of ACCT 401H. Substitute courses must be at the graduate level (400-level or higher) and must be approved by the Program Director.