MSM-Business Analytics Integrated Curriculum | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University

Graduate Courses to Be Taken As an Undergraduate

Students admitted to the Integrated Program who have the prerequisite knowledge of one year of calculus and one semester of linear algebra should complete following MSBA graduate courses by the end of their senior year:

Courses to Be Taken As a Graduate

To complete all of the MSM-Business Analytics degree requirements, the student must take the remaining nine required courses after obtaining their BS degree.

Sample Program of Study

Fall Semester (Undergraduate Year)

  • MSBA 407 – Managerial Marketing (3.0 credit hours)
  • MSBA 433 – Foundations of Probability and Statistics (3.0 credit hours)

Spring Semester (Undergraduate Year)

  • MSBA 410 – Accounting and Financial Management (3.0 credit hours)

Fall Semester (13.5 Credit Hours)

  • MSBA 406 – Operations Management (3.0 credit hours)
  • MSBA 411 – Operations Analytics: Deterministic (3.0 credit hours)
  • MSBA 434 – Data Mining & Visualization (3.0 credit hours)
  • MSBA 435 – Marketing Models & Digital Analytics (3.0 credit hours)
  • MSBA 485A – Individual Development (1.5 credit hours)

Spring Semester (10.5 Credit Hours)

  • MSBA 432 – Operations Analytics: Stochastic (3.0 credit hours)
  • MSBA 444 – Predictive Modeling (3.0 credit hours)
  • MSBA 445 – Advanced Marketing Analytics (3.0 credit hours)
  • MSBA 485B – Team Development (1.5 credit hours)

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