Economic principles are at work everywhere you look. Because of this, a bachelor's degree in Economics is excellent training for a wide variety of professions, especially careers in business, finance, consulting, public policy analysis, public administration, and law. The quantitative and analytical skills obtained through the study of economics are of tremendous value in these fields.

Even in fields that seem somewhat removed from economics (e.g. engineering, medicine), training in economics allows you to understand how public policy and market forces interact to affect your profession, which better equips you to undertake future leadership positions in your field. Because the range of interests among Economics majors is quite broad, our faculty work with our majors to develop a plan of studies that best fits the student’s aspirations and interests.

Our highly regarded BA in Economics degree offers students a close-knit community and interaction with some of the country's top faculty and researchers in and outside the classroom. Our program provides students the opportunity to learn in small class sizes of 50 students and to assist Weatherhead faculty in their research activities or to participate in independent research projects.

Our program ranks #5 in the nation for the study of microeconomics and #7 for macroeconomics in Businessweek's 2012 survey of undergraduate programs.


BA in Economics

The Weatherhead BA in Economics is a 120-credit-hour, structured program that teaches students to analyze problems of resource allocation and decision making, and to understand the influence of these factors on economies and societies. Students learn how to analyze the performance of an economy, factors or inflation and unemployment rate, econometric software and much more. Learn about the BA in Economics degree requirements or about our Economics Minor and introductory Economics course options.

Read how studying economics led Fulbright Scholar Alex Warofka, BA '12, to China or Trevor Allen, BA '11, to the Peace Corps, and hear from other graduates on why they studied economics.

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The Economics Honors Program

The Economics Honors Program provides undergraduate students a unique opportunity to work closely with a member or members of the Economics faculty to produce meaningful, original, self-directed research on a topic of the student’s choice. Formally, the Honors Program consists of a two-semester course sequence, ECON 397 and 398, which culminates in the completion of an original, independent research paper (an “Honors Thesis”).

Completion of the ECON 397/398 sequence satisfies the SAGES capstone requirement for the Economics major. Students who receive a grade of “A” in ECON 398 will be eligible for graduating with Honors in Economics. To graduate with Honors in Economics, students must additionally complete ECON 326 and ECON 327 with grades of “B” or higher, and must have a GPA in their Economics coursework of 3.5 or higher.

Students interested in entering the Economics Honors Program should contact Teresa Kabat for more information and instructions to apply.