MPOD Student Experience

Changing the World, Changing You

This unique master’s degree program is Weatherhead’s response to the increasing demand for rigorous, relevant education in the emerging fields of positive psychology and positive organizational scholarship, within the ever-changing context of organizational behavior.

While our program encourages students' awareness of external opportunities to develop flourishing human systems, the MPOD curriculum remains grounded in the belief that the self can be a powerful instrument for change, and that personal and professional development go hand in hand, The MPOD learning model provides experiential opportunities for participants to become more self-aware, to practice and experiment with new skills, and to give and receive coaching that can be life-changing.

The MPOD program educates and develops leaders who will create enduring social systems that offer value to all stakeholders, nourish the cooperative human spirit, and contribute to ecologically sustainable societies and global well-being. Learn what our students have to say about the program:

If you love personal development, people development, strategy and change, this is the program for you. I made a career shift from Marketing Executive to Executive Coach. I stress to my coaching clients the importance of constantly learning and growing and felt that I should take my own advice. I searched for a learning experience that was relevant, practical and challenging and that would grow me professionally. The MPOD experience has proven to be an invaluable experience. Because I have an MBA, I was concerned about redundancy. Instead, the MPOD experience has been a strong complement to the MBA — a much deeper and richer dive into the people focused subjects I love.

— Curt Wang, MPOD ‘13
Executive Coach, Make the Leap Coaching | Lake Forest, IL

The MPOD program has been a fabulous mix of compelling and distinctive academic content. It is presented by an unparalleled team of world renowned subject matter experts in a residency format that affords and encourages meaningful relationship building with faculty, staff and an amazing mix of classmates/professionals from across the world — classmates who bring diverse backgrounds and thinking but connected hearts. MPOD has and will continue to uniquely impact all aspects of my life both professional and personal.

— Catherine M. Shew, MPOD '13
Director, Business Development, FirstEnergy | Akron, Ohio

The MPOD curriculum is interesting and absolutely relevant for my work as a change management consultant. I looked at graduate programs for several years before I found the MPOD program. The professors, many of whom are 'founding fathers' of their fields, are rock stars. I went to an Ivy League school for my other masters and the Case Western Reserve University experience has been far superior — the professors are engaging, encouraging, and care about their students’ success. The staff is caring and supportive. In addition, the courses demand introspective thought and self-reflection which has been personally rewarding as well as life changing. Because the Weatherhead School of Management is a recognized leader in the field of OD, the program is a strong addition to my resume.

— Lesa Lozano, MPOD '13
Principal, Structured Change, LLC | Houston, Texas

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