MPOD Curriculum

The MPOD program is conducted in five separate week-long residencies and an international tour spread over 18 months. These residencies are conveniently spaced 10-12 weeks apart—thereby making the program flexible enough to accommodate the busy schedules of leaders, managers and staff professionals. This design will enable students to attend school without leaving their employment. The intervening periods (between program residencies) will involve project and group work, self-study, assignments, reading and on-line guidance done in collaboration with the faculty at Case Western Reserve University.

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Residency One

  • MPOD 413 – Foundations of Positive Organization Development and Change
  • MPOD 416A – Leadership, Executive Assessment and Development
  • MPOD 431A – Experiential Learning for Individuals, Teams, and Organizations

Residency Two

Residency Three

  • MPOD 416C – Leadership, Executive Assessment and Development
  • MPOD 431B – Experiential Learning for Individuals, Teams, and Organizations
  • MPOD 470A – Leading Change from a Complexity Perspective
  • MPOD 480 – Dynamics of Effective Consulting Strategies

Residency Four

International Study Tour

  • MPOD 498 – Global Citizenship and Multi-Cultural OD: International Study Tour

Residency Five

Education between residencies will be conducted via Internet-mediated learning, individual reading and writing, and virtual conferencing.

International Study Tour

One of the uniquely rewarding aspects of the MPOD program is the international study tour. You will travel as a cohort to Katholieke University in Leuven, Belgium, to learn with students from their Certificate of Continuing Education program in Consultancy in Groups and Organizations (CIGO).

Experiencing the dynamics of a multicultural student body and engaging directly with consultants and other agents of change during site visits provides an intensive learning opportunity unlike any other. This is also an occasion for Weatherhead students to deepen peer relationships and broaden their international contacts while gaining first-hand experience of global citizenship.

Experiential Learning

The MPOD includes two supervised action learning experiences. You’ll form consulting teams to work with Cleveland-based clients as part of the Practicum in Appreciative Inquiry and Positive OD course. The third experience, the Individual Field Project, is a robust action learning project that allows you to work in the field with your organization, or an organization of your choice.


In addition to the Master of Science degree in Positive Organization Development and Change, candidates will earn a certificate in each of the following core areas:

  1. The Certificate in Emotionally Intelligent Leadership and Executive Coaching
  2. The Appreciative Inquiry Certificate in Positive Business and Societal Change.

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