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Gretchen LaRusch, MPOD 15, Research Coordinator, Cleveland Clinic, Steering Committee member since 2021

""I spent the first part of my career attempting to save the world, one Western Blot and dish of cultured cells at a time. While working in basic research, I recognized that there was a large gap in my education, so I took advantage of the part‐time MBA program at CWRU. Upon completion, I realized that the part I enjoyed the most were classes and lessons involving team building and structure, as well as interpersonal relationships. I decided that I wanted to take a couple more classes on those subjects, and in a matter of 4 hours, I had spoken to Pat Petty about the MPOD program, interviewed with Harlow Cohen, and found myself on the verge of a new adventure. During my time in the MPOD program, not only did I grow in ways I would have never imagined, but was given the additional gift of a group of amazing human beings with whom I could share this amazing experience. I believe the best way I could describe it is that my brain went from experiencing the world in black and white, to seeing things in vivid color. The experience and knowledge gained throughout my time in MPOD gave a new depth to every experience I would have that followed in life. I could not be more grateful for the experience.

I am currently a Clinical Research Coordinator at Cleveland Clinic, and while I have moved from the world of basic bench science to the clinical research side, my love of science and passion for the pursuit of greater understanding of the world around us is ever present. While my job has not changed much, the way I function as a human on every level has grown. Just calling it "life-changing" seems inadequate. Now that MPOD is just a sparkling memory (except for those late-night practicums,) I participate in the MOD‐MPOD Alumni Steering Committee to soak in small doses of time spent with others who have this shared experience; to spend some time re‐immersed in the common energy we all share toward positive change; and to give back to the alumni community.""

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