MSM-Operations Research and Supply Chain Management

STEM-Eligible Degree

The MSM-OR/SCM program qualifies as a STEM degree, which allows international students in a technical field to apply for a 24-month extension to their optional practical training (OPT) period. This means you may be eligible for up to three years of work in the United States. Visit the U.S. government's website for more information on STEM extensions.

Have a knack for spotting inefficiencies in systems? Looking for opportunities to make a substantial impact in the way businesses and supply chains run? Do you want to use your quantitative skills to solve real business problems?

The Master of Science in Management-Operations Research and Supply Chain Management (MSM-OR/SCM) degree will equip you to make a substantial and measurable impact in national and global operations and supply chain management across a broad range of industries including manufacturing and service industries. Graduates have also gone on to serve as consultants for consulting firms.

The MSM-OR/SCM curriculum provides students with the fundamentals of business as well as depth and focus in the principles of operations research and supply chain management. This program produces highly knowledgeable professionals well-prepared to make organizations more efficient and competitive.

Is This Program Right for Me?

Typical undergraduate majors include: engineering, statistics, computer science, economics, mathematics and business. Students beginning this program must have a working knowledge of undergraduate calculus, including differentiation and integration, and one semester of undergraduate linear algebra. Work experience is beneficial but not required for admission; many students pursue the MSM-OR/SCM immediately following the completion of their undergraduate degree.


Upon completion of the MSM-OR/SCM program, students will: