MSM-Finance Risk Management Capstone Preparation

Into the Wild Risk Management Capstone

Capstone students aren’t just thrown to the proverbial wolves. The MSM-Finance coursework they complete before tackling the Projects in Risk Management capstone provides them with knowledge and skills they can rely on to assist companies with real problems. They may not know it all (who does?), but they know where to find out!

Q: Students in this class work on real problems with local companies. How prepared are they to work in a real-world setting?

A: Our students take several classes that really prepare them for exciting project work: Financial Econometrics, Derivatives and Risk Management, Portfolio Management, Fixed Income, among others. By the time they get into this class they are primed to tackle some very innovative risk management problems.

Q: But aren't the participating companies basically doing the students a favor, throwing them softball assignments?

A: Not at all! We have many firms in the greater Cleveland area that are keen to work with our students. This is a win-win situation. The firm gets a solution to its problem and watches our students work effectively in teams. If they like what they see, they can offer internships or jobs to them. The students see a project evolve from an unstructured idea to a completed solution. They go into a company, dive deep into a significant problem, solve it, and effectively communicate the results to senior management. They get an amazing sense of accomplishment from seeing their efforts rewarded and gain increased confidence in their abilities.