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Experience FinTech at Weatherhead

Get ahead of the curve with FinTech.

Financial technology, or “FinTech,” is transforming how firms create and deliver products and services, providing new gateways for entrepreneurship and seed opportunities for inclusive growth.┬áPreparing our students to meet these changes is key, which is why the MSM-Finance program has done some transforming of its own. In 2018 Weatherhead added FinTech to its curriculum, a course that covers many aspects of FinTech proliferation, from notable successes to current innovations and thoughts about future opportunities.

The course provides a foundation in the basic concepts of FinTech innovations and their applications. Topics include FinTech applications, incubators and angels, blockchains, cryptocurrencies, crowdfunding, payment schemes and more, and will continue to adjust based on industry developments and advancements.

Students experience perspectives from several guest industry practitioners who offer first-hand information about the lucrative FinTech market and discuss their paths, from idea to implementation; including roadblocks, pushback from competitors and funding. These guest speakers include CEOs, serial entrepreneurs, angel investors, incubators and coaches.

The course also looks at broad based disruptive forces in the FinTech world, such as the development of alternative payment systems, funding sources, investing methods and currencies. This section explores and reviews the major disruptors to entrenched financial systems, and recognizes how business models were reconfigured and how regulators are responding to the risk of fraud.

Only a handful of business schools in the country provide a course on this ever-changing, but critically important topic, and Weatherhead is one of them. Don’t miss out.

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