Strategy concerns with long-term direction, scope and performance of an organization within its specific context. The task of crafting, implementing and executing company strategies for resolving strategic issues are the heart and soul of managing business enterprise.

This course aims to develop critical understandings of company strategic issues, sources of strategic issues and insights about strategy and strategic management at strategic business unit level and organizational corporate level. It will enable students to analyze organizations from competitive and industry point of view, from resource and capability point of view. And be able to design appropriate courses of strategic actions to resolve strategic issues or to make companies be more competitive.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Identify environment and industry forces that drive and constrain strategic development of an organization.
  • Understand strategic perceptions, tools and approaches that various professionals advocate and practiced by organizations
  • Understand strategic options that are available for development of an organization.
  • Be able to diagnose strategic problems of an organization and develop strategic options for specific strategic problems.
  • Understand strategic issues in the Chinese context