Master of Science in Management (MSM) – Business Analytics

Transform big data into smart insights.

Big data analysis and evidence based decision-making are critical skills in high demand in today’s business market. Having the skills to interpret analytics puts you in a position to shape the way an organization moves forward.

Weatherhead’s newly established Master of Science in Management - Business Analytics (MSM-Business Analytics) trains students to transform big data into smart insights, master analytical skills for application in both operations and marketing and includes an in-depth professional development course that prepares students to successfully enter managerial, consulting and analyst positions upon graduation.

Get your education both in and outside the classroom.

  • Mentorship program: The MSM-Business Analytics program is keenly focused on student success. Every student in the program has the opportunity to work with an established business analytics professional as part of a unique mentorship program that focuses on professional growth.
  • Internships: Weatherhead’s dedicated Career Management Office works to help secure an internship for every graduate student at companies like Goodyear, Lubrizol and Key Bank.

Weatherhead’s MSM-Business Analytics program is a full-time, 33-credit-hour, STEM-eligible program that can be completed in a flexible timeframe that meets your scheduling needs:

Students will take 6 hours in the summer, 13.5 hours in the fall, 13.5 in the spring and graduate with 33 hours at the end of spring semester.
Students will take 6 hours in the summer, 13.5 hours in the fall, 13.5 in the spring. In the summer students will do an internship and enroll in a Practicum Course (MGMT 418 – a 0 credit hr. course), earning them a department certificate. In order to participate in this program, the student must have an internship offer for the summer.
Students will take 13.5 hours in the fall, 13.5 hours in the spring and 6 hours the following fall. This program allows for those students who don’t graduate until the summer have a chance to enroll in this program for fall.

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Weatherhead’s Master of Science in Management-Business Analytics program is perfect for those:

  • Currently finishing or recently graduated with an undergraduate or master’s degree in business, science, or quantitative disciplines
  • Motivated to build skills for conducting rigorous analytics
  • Seeking operations and/or marketing related positions that emphasize evidence based decision making

Still have questions? Visit our FAQs page or contact Meredith Richardson to request more information.

Case Western Reserve University undergraduates can earn a BA or BS degree and an MSM-Business Analytics degree in as little as four years through our MSM-Business Analytics Integrated Program

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