Master of Science in FinTech Curriculum | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University

Master of Science in FinTech Curriculum

Master of Science in FinTech Curriculum

The Master of Science in FinTech program is a 30-credit program designed to be completed within one academic year (two semesters). Students also have the option to extend the program to three or four semesters by enrolling in a specialization track consisting of nine additional credits.

This degree is a balance between foundational knowledge in finance, data analytics and econometrics, and programming for Fintech applications. Gain knowledge of all three aspects to join the workplace of the future. The Fintech program at Weatherhead will prepare you to fill a growing number of in-demand jobs across multiple industries.

Basic Program = 30 Credit Hours

PreTerm (1.5 Credit Hours)
  • Handling Financial Big Data with Python (1.5)
1st Fall (15 Credit Hours)
  • Data Science for Finance (3)
  • Artificial Intelligence for Financial Modeling (3)
  • Fintech: A strategic perspective (1.5)
  • Managing Massive Financial Datasets (1.5)
  • Corporate Finance and Valuation (1.5)
  • Investment Management (1.5)
  • Derivatives and Risk Management (1.5)
  • Team Projects: Real-world (1.5)
1st Spring (13.5 Credit Hours)
  • Algorithmic Trading (3)
  • Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Cryptoventures (3)
  • Fintech and Entrepreneurship (3)
  • Credit Risk Analytics (1.5)
  • Banking Regulations & RegTech (1.5)
  • Team Projects: Real-world (1.5)

Students who wish to complete the program in one academic year will pursue the Basic Program which is 30 credit hours. For those who decide to stay an extra academic year, the Analytics for FinTech specialization track will be offered.

Specialization for 9 additional credit hours

1st Spring, 2nd Fall, 2nd Spring

Analytics for Fintech (any three courses)

  • Corporate Risk Management (3)
  • Quantitative Risk Modeling (3)
  • Financial Decisions, Contracting & Value (3)
  • Python Programming applications in Finance (3)
  • Investment Strategies (3)
  • Financial Models Using Big Data (3)
  • Applications in Financial Big Data (3)

Completion of these additional credit hours in three or four semesters will entail a department certification of specialization.