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Master of Science in FinTech Career Management

The size of the global FinTech market is around $17 billion and is projected to reach $46 billion by the end of 2025. The market includes start-ups, banks, lenders, insurance companies and more. With growth like that, now is the time to get in on the industry.

Career Outlook

FinTech skillsets are becoming more and more important over just traditional finance knowledge. The financial industry is increasingly driven by data analytics and advanced technology. Employer demand growth for master’s-level FinTech professionals outpaced the growth in demand for all master’s-level professions and regional and national demand for master’s level FinTech professionals has increased in the last year alone. Graduates will be in a position to land competitive jobs in a broad range of FinTech roles.

There is an increasing trend in the number of job openings in the FinTech sector. Finance job candidates with knowledge of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science are in high demand, according to hiring sites Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Hired, and ZipRecruiter. According to, the national average FinTech salary is $111,772 per year.

Gain Real-World Experience to Stand Out: Weatherhead Finance Fellowship

A real-world corporate project experience in the curriculum may be available for top Master of Science in FinTech students. Through Weatherhead’s Finance Fellowship, students can complete a corporate assignment facilitated by industry expert(s) in the finance field, designed to address real issues in areas on FinTech. The Fellowship may come with a tuition scholarship award and will add relevant industry experience to the student’s resume. With several Fortune 500 companies having a presence in and around Cleveland, the projects will partner with a variety of industries, including financial services. Projects may be in other U.S. cities as well.

Career Management Resources

Gregory Harmon,

The Master of Science in FinTech program has a dedicated Director to assist students in finding internships and jobs and help build relationships with potential employers.

Weatherhead students are encouraged to connect with the Career Development and Placement Office early on in their academic program to gain the most from resources and services such as career assessments, career fairs, job listings, events with employers and alumni, resume reviews, coaching and much more.