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Part-Time Master of Business Administration (MBA) Class Profile

A Community of Individuals

Many of the individuals enrolled in the Weatherhead School of Management part-time MBA degree program are working full-time in the region and thus have a vested interest in the success of businesses in the Greater Cleveland area. The part-time MBA program curriculum will help you to recognize opportunities to innovate for sustainable value in your company and community, but the network of people you meet in the part-time MBA program who are also striving for betterment in their companies and communities is just as valuable.

Who Enrolls in the Weatherhead Part-Time MBA?

Undergraduate Majors
Gender Breakdown
Country of Origin

Enrollment at a glance: Weatherhead Class Profile

Entered fall: 2019 2018
Total enrolled 37 32
Women 27% 44%
International 8% 9%
GMAT (average) 616 580
GPA (average) 3.3 3.4
Work experience (average) 7.4 years 8.0 years

Top undergraduate majors

Entered fall: 2019 2018
Business (including economics and finance) 24% 22%
Engineering/mathematics/sciences 55% 32%
Liberal arts/social sciences 19% 32%
Other 3% 16%

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