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COVID-19 Admissions Update

We understand the constraints our applicants are facing as a result of COVID-19. You can connect directly with recruitment managers for your specific program through virtual office hours and online information sessions for more information on program start dates, application process, standardized tests and more.

Weatherhead’s Part-Time MBA is #1 in Northeast Ohio and #12 in the United States

As the highest ranked part-time MBA degree program in Northeast Ohio, and the #12 ranked part-time MBA in the United States (Fortune, 2022), the Weatherhead School of Management attracts the finest business professionals looking to further their educations and careers. In addition to world-class instruction at one of the best business schools in the region, the part-time MBA provides ample opportunities to engage with academic colleagues and to network with other business professionals.

Is This Program Right for Me?

If you are a busy, ambitious professional, the Weatherhead part-time MBA program is the perfect option to further your education. The part-time MBA degree program is a three-year, 48-credit-hour, cohort-based program that offers the same challenging business concepts as the full-time MBA program's curriculum, including a new elective course in AI, Blockchain and Machine Learning.

Managers create the worlds in which we work and live. In order to be prepared for the challenges of tomorrow, Weatherhead equips managers with the knowledge and tools necessary to effect change for both profitability and world betterment. Through revolutionary design in managing principles, you will be challenged to think beyond the default response to problems, combining the right-brained tools of a designer with a solid command of business principles to advance yourself, your colleagues, your company, and your world.

Students begin the program in the summer semester with Weatherhead’s Leadership Assessment and Development course, often referred to simply as LEAD. LEAD places students in teams deliberately set up to include a diversity of learning styles. Students then move through the three-year part-time MBA curriculum with that same group of peers. The cohort-based format allows participants to develop together as both students and colleagues, which facilitates the growth of a strong network and the fostering of lasting friendships.

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If you’re interested in studying sustainability and learning how to manage by designing at one of the finest business schools in the country located in your own backyard, consider the Weatherhead part-time MBA. Find out what’s required on your application, including GMAT or GRE scores, and apply today.