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Executive MBA (EMBA) vs Traditional Full-Time MBA

Within its suite of MBA programs, Weatherhead offers a full-time MBA and an Executive MBA (EMBA), both tailored to audiences at different stages in their careers.

The Weatherhead MBA prepares students to lead by positioning them alongside world-class faculty who challenge them to be the innovators of their industries. The full-time MBA is perfect for students who have several years of work experience and are ready to commit two years to the pursuit of an advanced degree to position themselves for greater management responsibilities.

The Executive MBA from Weatherhead helps distinguished working professionals take learning one step further, enhancing leadership skills for self, team, organization and society. EMBA students also focus on the language of business and the achievement of change by design. The EMBA does not require executives to leave their positions but instead enhances the participant’s ability to lead within their current organization.

So which Weatherhead program is right for you?

Comparison between EMBA and MBA
Degree Executive MBA Traditional Full-Time MBA
Length 2 years, brief-residencies based 2 years
Avg. Work Experience 15 years 3.8 years
Return On Investment
  • 85% of students report revenue enhancement or cost containment of their Application Project exceeded the cost of their EMBA tuition
  • 35% of students report a return to their organization that is three times the cost of tuition
  • $79,027 (mean) base salary
  • $8,875 (mean) signing bonus
Distinctive Admission Requirements
  • Minimum 10 years of relevant work experience, with at least five years involving substantial managerial responsibilities
  • Time and willingness to make a two-year commitment to attend classes, study group meetings and other required activities
  • No GMAT required
  • See the Admission Information page for complete application guidelines
  • Proof of English Language Proficiency (for applicants whose native language is not English)
  • GMAT or GRE
  • See the Admission Information page for complete application requirements
Classroom Schedule
  • 5 semesters (21 months)
  • Three-day residencies at CWRU (Thursday-Saturday) once a month for four months each spring and fall semester
  • One 10-day International Study Experience during the summer semester
  • 4 semesters (17 months)
  • Semester-long classes meet once a week on weekdays generally, occasional weekend classes offered
  • Classes held at Weatherhead School of Management
Faculty Engagement Assigned an executive coach who helps you take full advantage of the academic experience while providing guidance as you develop as an individual and leader. Partnered with faculty and staff to draft a personalized learning plan.
Curriculum Delivery Lock-step cohort program. Participants self-select learning teams, which represent essential study partnerships over the course of the program.
Optional study and review sessions with faculty, which are also recorded for virtual access.
Small class size means one-on-one interaction with faculty is readily available.
Career Strategy Aim to ascend to senior leadership roles and improve upon existing leadership skills. Aim to earn a higher salary and become a leader.
Average Cost $102,958
Cost includes tuition, all books and supplies, parking, breakfast, lunch and snacks during residencies. Excludes travel/airfare.
Total Tuition: $78,780
Books, Supplies, and Living Expenses for Two Years: About $34,000 (varies based upon student spending habits)
Company Sponsorship / Scholarship Availability Since 1979, more than 500 organizations have sponsored EMBA participants. Corporate tuition match scholarships are available. More than 26 scholarship opportunities offered by Weatherhead.

Learn more about Weatherhead programs by requesting information, attending open houses, or speaking with one of our knowledgeable and dedicated staff members.