Global MBA


Experience the world while developing the management skills to change the world.

Join other exceptional students from China, India and the United States in the Weatherhead two-year, full-time, global MBA program. This distinctive graduate program takes you far beyond the tourist vacation or brief study abroad trip. Living and studying in another country is a full-immersion experience exposing you to aspects of other cultures that will help you succeed as a leader in international management, from social interactions to business customs.

Live and Learn in Three Countries

Unique Program Features:

  • Extensive exposure to three varied cultural, economic and political settings
  • In-depth experience in three of the world's most important economies
  • Interaction with top faculty from all three institutions
  • Opportunities for project work in all three countries
  • Class and project experience in multinational teams
  • World-class curriculum built upon Weatherhead’s innovative leadership in sustainable value and teaching how to manage by designing

Managers create the worlds in which we work and live. Learn cutting-edge business practices influenced by design principles and sustainable value from the people who invented them. Build relationships with peers and managers from all across the globe. Prepare to create worlds.

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