Full-Time MBA Curriculum | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University

The Weatherhead School of Management's full-time MBA program encompasses the right class sizes to empower one-on-one interaction with academic pioneers and industry leaders. Our faculty excel in teaching as well as research. You'll find their passion contagious.

As a student in the four-semester, 60-credit-hour, full-time MBA program, you’ll partner with faculty and staff to create a personalized learning plan with distinctive concentrations, choosing electives that comprise half of the program of study to complement core curriculum for an integrated and focused MBA. Your learning experience will be rooted in the foundational management principles necessary to lead with confidence, paired with customization in your areas of interest to establish you as a distinctive, confident candidate for job placement upon graduation.

Students will select one concentration consisting of four courses in one of the following core areas:

  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Business Analytics
  • Healthcare Management
  • Design and Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Distinctive Classroom Experiences: First Year

  • Leading People and Organizations (LEAD): Discover individual management strengths and weaknesses through a series of self-assessments, experiential activities and case studies on team and group dynamics. Your assessment results will help you develop your personal learning plan, heighten self-awareness and become a more effective leader.
  • Integrative core curriculum: Master the core areas of accounting, finance, business analytics, marketing, operations and supply chain management, statistics and decision modeling and economics.
  • Business Analytics: Learn to transform big data into smart insights and sharpen your analytical skills for application in both operations and marketing.
  • Design and Sustainability: Study the principles for building sustainable value and turning the social and global issues of the day into business opportunities, while discovering how to bring together changing technologies, capabilities, relationships, activities and materials to shape an organization’s plans and strategies.
  • Elective Option: Start your concentration in Finance, Operations, Marketing, Organizational Leadership, Design and Innovation and Entrepreneurship or Healthcare Management in your first year and prepare early for summer internships.

Distinctive Classroom Experiences: Second Year

The second year of the program is almost entirely dedicated to the students’ fully customized schedule of electives. Additionally, students take a capstone strategy class, the only required course in the second year. The course empowers teams of students to address the challenges of developing a business model for a company or organization.

  • Required course: Strategic issues and applications: Successfully implement strategy design in alignment with a firm’s external environment, its internal resources and capabilities. You’ll practice applying an integrative view of a company or organization that spans functional areas such as operations, marketing and finance, while drawing on a number of academic disciplines including economics, psychology, political and management science.
  • MBA Electives: You’ll take nine electives to develop a focus and specialization in one of our seven core concentrations. In partnership with our Career Management Office and your world-class professors, you can specialize your education to position yourself for ideal post-MBA employment.
  • Management in Practice:  Not only will you will be able to concentrate in an area of your choice but you will have the opportunity to experience it through one of our electives such as Business Models; Six Sigma & Quality Management; Quantum Leadership; Leading Digital Innovation.  You will gain distinctive tools and insights through applied projects while also sharpening your management skills.

Curious about the kinds of projects you'll complete in the full-time MBA? Visit our Student Works database to get a feel for the work you'll be doing.

Sample Curriculum

  • Year One

    • Fall Semester (15 credit hours)

      • MBAC 500 – Probability, Statistics, and Quantitative Methods (0 credit hours)
      • MBAC 502 – Financial Accounting (3 credit hours)
      • MBAC 506 – Marketing Management (3 credit hours)
      • MBAC 511 – Statistics and Decision Modeling (3 credit hours)
      • MBAC 515 – Leading People and Organizations (3 credit hours)
      • MBAC 504 – Corporate Finance I (3 credit hours)
    • Spring Semester (15 credit hours)

      • MBAC 505 – Corporate Finance II (1.5 credit hours)
      • MBAC 507 – Operations and Supply Chain Management (3 credit hours)
      • MBAC 518 – Business Analytics (3 credit hours)
      • MBAC 512 – Economics (3 credit hours)
      • MBAC 503 – Managerial Accounting (1.5 credit hours)
      • WSOM MBA Elective (3 credit hours)
  • Year Two

    • Fall Semester (15 credit hours)

      • MBAC 508 – Strategic Issues and Applications (3 credit hours)
      • WSOM MBA Elective (3 credit hours)
      • WSOM MBA Elective (3 credit hours)
      • WSOM MBA Elective (3 credit hours)
      • WSOM MBA Elective (3 credit hours)
    • Spring Semester (15 credit hours)

      • WSOM MBA Elective (3 credit hours)
      • WSOM MBA Elective (3 credit hours)
      • WSOM MBA Elective (3 credit hours)
      • WSOM MBA Elective (3 credit hours)
      • WSOM MBA Elective (3 credit hours)

Note: Students who are in Dual Degree programs, please meet with Radhika Ramamurthi to get your exact curriculum plan.

Total Program Hours: 60