Full-Time MBA

Weatherhead equips managers with the knowledge and tools necessary to effect change for both profitability and world betterment. Interact with and learn from Weatherhead’s world-class faculty, who will help you build a foundation of core skills, see business as an agent of world benefit and learn how to manage by designing in order to innovate for positive change.

The Weatherhead full-time MBA program will prepare you to meet today’s business needs and anticipate tomorrow’s challenges.

Is This Program Right for Me?

Then the Weatherhead full-time MBA program is right for you.

The Weatherhead MBA program offers rigorous instruction alongside hands-on project execution that will challenge you to reach beyond default responses to find new and innovative solutions to problems. These right-brained initiatives will train your quantitative mind to think creatively as you work to create sustainable value for business and society.

Design and Sustainability in Theory

As a future leader, it is no longer an option in the world to ignore global and environmental issues in business. You will need creativity, innovation, and broader world awareness in order to be an effective leader. Recognizing this, Weatherhead has incorporated both design and sustainability courses into its core curriculum. With the skills of design thinking and the knowledge of sustainable practice, you will be prepared to meet the challenges facing business in the 21st century.

Design and Sustainability in Practice

The Weatherhead full-time MBA program provides students the opportunity to practice what we preach in AMES Business Models, a year-long experience divided over two semesters. Building on the knowledge acquired in the first year of the MBA program, you will work in teams with outside business clients on three different projects. The exposure to building business models for a start-up, an established company, and a company outside of the United States will give you the experience you need to make a difference in any company upon graduation.

Curious about the kinds of projects you'll complete in the full-time MBA? Visit our Student Works database to get a feel for the work you'll be doing.

Student Works

More than a "Green MBA"

Weatherhead is also home to the Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit. The Fowler Center's vision is to advance the scholarship and practice of flourishing enterprise. Both the Fowler Center and its philosophies are deeply integrated with the curriculum and instruction of Weatherhead's MBA program. The Fowler Center's primary focus is on for-profit organizations that use their core activities to create value for society and the environment in ways that create even more value for their customers and shareholders.

Interested in sustainability and positive organizational change? The Fowler Center offers several fellowships to full-time MBA students to work closely with some of the greatest minds in strength-based management and sustainable value.

Trying to decide between MBA and some other degree?

Maybe you don't have to. The Weatherhead School of Management offers dual-degree master's programs to enhance management expertise and leadership potential in a variety of sectors, from law to medicine, from public health to finance. See all of our available dual-degree options.