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Cleveland Clinic-Weatherhead Executive MBA

The Economist ranks Weatherhead's Executive MBA #1 in Ohio
The Economist ranks Weatherhead's Executive MBA 15th in the nation

The broad challenges facing the healthcare industry today can only be met by strong leadership, collaboration across disciplines and creative thinking. Open to healthcare professionals from businesses, hospitals and organizations around the world, the Cleveland Clinic-Weatherhead Executive MBA at Case Western Reserve University combines Weatherhead’s breakthrough business concepts of leadership in management with Cleveland Clinic’s innovation in healthcare. This Executive MBA (EMBA) is the premier option for any experienced clinical or non-clinical professional in healthcare.

Join practicing leaders from all sectors of healthcare, as well as professionals from a variety of other industries, in this two-year, brief-residency MBA for healthcare professionals.

Weatherhead School of Management's Executive MBA (EMBA) is in affiliation with the Cleveland Clinic

The Weatherhead Difference

The Cleveland Clinic-Weatherhead EMBA will help you examine your leadership strengths and gaps and develop a personalized learning plan to become the best leader you can be. For decades, Weatherhead’s organizational behavior faculty members have built a best-in-class reputation for teaching the art of leadership.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will learn from the originators of these breakthrough business concepts:

Participants in the Cleveland Clinic-Weatherhead EMBA take classes with the traditional EMBA cohort, mixing perspectives and experience from a broad array of backgrounds and industries.

Cleveland Clinic Difference

The Cleveland Clinic-Weatherhead EMBA draws upon the world-class leadership at an institution that serves 5.1 million patients per year. Recognized as the #2 hospital in the world by Newsweek, Cleveland Clinic is known for not only its medical breakthroughs but its trailblazing efforts to improve the patient experience and implement new technologies in the workplace.

Classes in healthcare are co-taught with physician leaders from Cleveland Clinic. Courses are designed to approach the business of healthcare disciplines through the lens of leadership and Cleveland Clinic’s emphasis on patient care and patient experience (The Cleveland Clinic Way).

Classroom sessions are held at the two campuses (Weatherhead and Cleveland Clinic); promoting interaction and collaboration between the two organizations and allowing faculty, physicians and healthcare-professional MBA students to share knowledge and expertise.

Building on a Tradition of Collaboration

Cleveland Clinic and Case Western Reserve share a long history of cooperation in the service of advancing healthcare. Its most recent educational partnership began in 2002 when Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine launched as a program within the university’s School of Medicine. The Cleveland Clinic-Weatherhead EMBA builds upon this record of collaboration to deliver excellence in both management and healthcare.

Combining Weatherhead’s distinguished leadership preparation with Cleveland Clinic’s advancements in healthcare, the Cleveland Clinic-Weatherhead EMBA aspires to transform healthcare by bringing together its leaders across many organizations, in all facets of the profession. Together, you and your peers will become the pioneers in healthcare reform, whether you work in the renowned Cleveland hospitals or elsewhere.

Join the best leaders in management to help transform healthcare.

Is the Cleveland Clinic-Weatherhead EMBA Right for Me?

  • If you have at least 8-10 (or more) years of professional experience,
  • If you want to strengthen your impact for positive change in healthcare,
  • If you aim to become a more effective leader,
  • If you work in medical research, insurance, hospital administration, regulation, technology or healthcare management,

Then the Cleveland Clinic-Weatherhead EMBA program is right for you.

Four Elements of the Cleveland Clinic-Weatherhead EMBA

Managers create the worlds in which we work and live. To prepare experienced professionals in healthcare for this task, the Cleveland Clinic-Weatherhead EMBA prepares students through the development of:

  • Leadership skills at the levels of self, team, organization and society
  • Knowledge of socioeconomic and political structures in which leadership is most needed, including government, the world economy, technology and the rapidly changing realm of healthcare
  • Understanding of the language of business, with a special focus on healthcare
  • Strategies to achieve change in healthcare organizations by leading design-oriented teams

These four elements create a leadership package that will prime the student executive to assume a more responsible and influential position in an existing organization or to build a dynamic new organization. Together, these skills help leaders act with confidence and decisiveness in the face of uncertainty.

Time Commitment for the Cleveland Clinic-Weatherhead EMBA

With only 16 total 3-day visits to campus, the Cleveland Clinic-Weatherhead Executive MBA is designed to be manageable for busy executives, allowing experienced professionals from around the world to participate in a one-of-a-kind leadership program.

While the on-campus requirements are minimal, the Cleveland Clinic-Weatherhead EMBA program demands a serious time commitment from each participant. Although individual study habits vary in an executive healthcare MBA program, successful students may devote 10-15 hours per week to the program.

Read more about the Cleveland Clinic-Weatherhead EMBA’s unique curriculum design and course sequence, and find essential admission information, such as application requirements, deadlines, and program start dates for the Cleveland Clinic-Weatherhead Executive MBA.

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