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Master of Business Analytics and Intelligence Curriculum

Master of Business Analytics and Intelligence Curriculum

Weatherhead’s business analytics and intelligence 16-month curriculum plan is a full-time, 36-credit-hour, lockstep program designed to advance your skills to drive key business decisions and solutions. We leverage applications in Marketing and Operations however, the skills gained will be useful across all functions and industry sectors.

The curriculum includes three interlocking models including the Business Core, the Analytics Core and the Applied Business Analytics courses.

The program is delivered through a range of open source and commercial statistical software (e.g., R, SPSS, SAS, Stata), preparing students with the necessary user expertise to excel in analyst positions across industries.

Mandatory orientation is held 1-2 weeks before the start of term.  More information will be shared after matriculation.

Overlapping circles labeled 'Business Core,' 'Analtyics Core' and 'Applied Business Analytics

Master of Business Analytics and Intelligence Sample Schedule

Year 1: Fall Semester (13.5 Credit Hours)
  • BUAI 406A – Operations Management I (1.5 credit hours)
  • BUAI 407A – Managerial Marketing I (1.5 credit hours)
  • BUAI 433 – Foundations of Probability and Statistics (3.0 credit hours)
  • BUAI 434 – Data Mining & Visualization (3.0 credit hours)
  • BUAI 444 – Predictive Modeling (3.0 credit hours)
  • BUAI 492 – Foundations of Python Programming (1.5 credit hours)
Year 1: Spring Semester (13.5 Credit Hours)
  • BUAI 406B – Operations Management II (1.5 credit hours)
  • BUAI 407B – Managerial Marketing II (1.5 credit hours)
  • BUAI 410 – Accounting and Financial Management (3.0 credit hours)
  • BUAI 432 – Operations Analytics: Stochastic (3.0 credit hours)
  • BUAI 445 – Advanced Marketing Analytics (3.0 credit hours)
  • BUAI 485B – Team Development (1.5 credit hours)
Year 2: Fall Semester (9 Credit Hours)
  • BUAI 411 – Operations Analytics: Deterministic (3.0 credit hours)
  • BUAI 435 – Marketing Models and Digital Analytics (3.0 credit hours)
  • BUAI 446 – Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Business Analytics (3.0 credit hours)